Sketches, doodles and notes on the fly with this handy tool

For those without Palm OS 5, the classic BugMe! is the personal productivity app for everyone, every day. Just scribble a note, set the alarm and BugMe! beeps when it's time. Jot quick notes as you go. Make a quick sketch, draw a map or a doodle. BugMe!'s notepad captures what you draw directly on your handheld's screen, making note taking fast, easy and accurate.

BugMe!'s built-in screen grabber lets you take a quick screenshot from other applications. Your screenshot becomes a new BugMe! note, so can you quickly jot on it - or use it as a visual alarm. You can save any of your notes as a Favorite, to use again and again - or buy one of our ZipNotes content packs, to add Comic or Office stationery to your notes.

BugMe! provides a powerful set of productivity features, including:

  • Full color support
  • HiRes and HiRes+ Support
  • Audio, vibration and LED alerts
  • Repeating alarms and nags
  • Thumbnail views
  • Rich set of drawing and editing tools
  • Share notes by email, bluetooth or IR
  • Screenshots, activated by / stroke in most applications
  • Backtrack, to quickly return to previous application
  • Save any note as a Favorite, to use again and again



BugMe! 5.22